Hwang Hyunjin (Hangul: 황현진), better known as Hyunjin is the main visual, a rapper and dancer of k-pop band, Stray Kids.

 Profile Edit

  • Birth name: Hwang Hyunjin
  • Stage name(s): Hyunjin
  • Date of birth: March 20, 2000 (age 18)
  • Place of birth: South Korea
  • Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Visual
  • Height: 179 cm / 5′10
  • Nickname(s): Jinnie, Jin
  • Blood Type: B
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

 Trivia Edit

  • Hyunjin's star sign is Pisces.
  • Hyunjin attends School Of Performing Arts in Seoul.
  • Hyunjin was a trainee for 2 years.
  • Hyunjin is an only child.
  • Hyunjin has two moles under his eyes.
  • Hyunjin thinks his charming point is his lips.
  • Hyunjin's hobbies are dancing and exercising.
  • Hyunjin cannot eat onions, carrots, or eggplants.
  • Hyunjin's role model is GOT7's Jinyoung.
  • Hyunjin's roommates are Changbin, Jisung, and Jeongin.
  • Hyunjin wanted to become a singer because being on stage made him very happy and music is very appealing to him.
  • Hyunjin's role at the dorm is to sleep quietly and to keep eating at night.
  • His motto: “Let’s try and regret it later.”
  • Hyunjin describes himself as "boss of passion".
  • Hyunjin has a habit of biting his nails.
  • Hyunjin has a dog named Kami.
    • Random fact is that 'kami' means God in Japanese.
  • Hyunjin is the hardest to wake up.